Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions

In order to get an effective saliva sample, please view the video and read Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions below carefully.

As soon as your results are ready I will let you know.

English instructions

Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions

Included are a return envelope and 2 mini envelopes each w/a unbleached napkin. One per person or use one for now and one for later. The best time to take your sample is first thing in the morning before you brush, eat or drink anything.

For better results no herbs or nutritional supplementation should be taken 3 days prior to taking your sample. Stop taking unnecessary supplements, herbs, or medicines.

  • Do the Balance tap for 30-40 seconds see how to video here.  This exercise helps stimulate the production of T-cells, which are immune factors, and nourishes the thymus.
  • Take the tissue or q tip and rub inside cheek and place under your tongue until it is saturated. Let it completely dry
  • Place everything inside the corresponding baggie that was mailed to you. Put the baggies inside the small envelope
  •  Wrap the small envelope in aluminum foil
  • Mail in your kit

If you have any questions about the Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions please contact us.

Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions

Instrucciones en Español

Traditional Saliva Collection Instructions

Use una muestra p/persona.

El mejor momento para tomar su muestra es a primera hora de la mañana antes de cepillarse, comer o beber algo. No debe tomar ningún suplemento herbario o nutricional por 3 dias antes de tomar su muestra. Deje de tomar su vitaminas, suplementos, remedio o medicamentos innecesarios.

  • Hacer el “tapping” por 30-40 segundos. Vea el video aqui. Este ejercicio ayuda a estimular al Timo producir celulas T y nutre el Timo
  • Tome el la servilletita café o el copito de algodon y frotelo dentro del boca en la mejilla, luego colóquelo bajo la lengua hasta que quede mojado. Deje que se seque completamente
  • Ponga todo en la bolsita que recibió y este adentro  del sobre pequeño.
  • Envuelva el sobre pequeño en papel de aluminio. NO ENVUELVA LA SERVILLETA
  • Regrese su kit en el sobre con sello

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