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The XioWellness Dispensary we will help place your order.


  1. You must create an account if you do not have one.
  2. You may try to do this over the phone if a number is provided or do this online.
  3. A practitioner code may be needed for certain companies that information is below

In some instances you do need to create an account to order remedies especially when you chose Traditional Saliva Test.

El XioWellness Dispensary le ayuda a pedir sus remedios.


  1. Debe crear una cuenta si no tiene una.
  2. Puede hacerlo por teléfono si ve un número o debe hacerlo por Internet.
  3. Es posible que necesite un código de profesional para determinadas empresas, cuya información figura a continuación

En algunos casos necesita crear una cuenta para pedir sus propios remedios de su Traditional Saliva Test.

Traditional Saliva Test Supplement Companies

Precision Herbs

Precision Herbs can be ordered directly through XioWellness. The blend is always made out of fresh, wild crafted or organic herbs and seeds. Depending on your needs your formula may include adaptogenic herbs, binders, medicinal mushrooms and kelp. The formula is available in either a powder form or encapsulated. 27 organs and systems are checked for this formula. These formulas are revised yearly!

Moss Nutrition

Use practitioner code below to order your nutrition products.

Moss Nutrition, Practitioner Code:  #K259


Use the button to link to FullScript and create your account. We offer customers a 10% discount.

Flower Remedies

Use this link to order your nutrition products.


Use practitioner code below to order your nutrition products. We offer customers a 10% discount.

DesBio, Practitioner Code:  #6c56c9ea

Scan Vitamins & Supplement Companies

Physica Energetics

Physica works with homeopathy, botanicals, nutrition and can be only ordered through the XioWellness directly.

Energique Pro

Call to set up your account: 800-869-8078
Use PDSP Code # 0089R

XioWellness Dispensary

If you are having problems ordering or not sure which compay to use, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to give you some recommendations and guidance.  Or call us at +1 (502) 509-5406.