Natural BioEnergetics, NB

Natural BioEnergetics or NB will help you to improve overall health performance, mind and body balance, body energy flow, celular levels and more. Also works for pets!

Natural BioEnergetics (NB)

Natural BioEnergetics Program

What does Natural Bioenergetics do? (NB)

NB can address the body’s energy flow, cellular, tissue, and sensory nerve blockages.

  • Eliminate phantom pain
  • Reduce allergies and intolerances
  • Can help with impaired healing, and impaired intellectual
  • It can help eliminate disturbed or abnormal currents anywhere in the body caused by external electromagnetic radiations, surgery, and  implants
  • Certain psychological stresses block certain meridian caused by stress around specific thought; emotions and beliefs can be minimized or removed by thinking the stress and holding acupressure points

What is Natural Bioenergetics?

Natural BioEnergetics, NB (formerly known as Health Kinesiology), is a scientific system of Mind-Body work developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., a Psychologist and Sleep Research Scientist.

Taking into account my personal beliefs and of the clients I chose what corrections to implement and may offer suggestions or refer you to another specialist to work with things out of my scope.

“Corrections” of the imbalances are done by a gentle touch, tap, or pinch on specific acupressure points in presence of the stressor.

In this way we are able to retune you’re the body’s energy by allowing the stress to be released and come into balance.  The time lag for this to manifest varies from client to client.

It will depend on how quickly the body metabolizes and processes nourishment, how effective their eliminative systems are working, how much stress they are currently under, what their life balance is.

Virtual Sessions (VS)

In our VS we work together at all times. When working in NB, we create a circuit and all the work affects everything in the circuit. We always start with permission, and a meridian balance. NB is actually gathering information rather than electro-magnetic transmission.

Just like electricity is fed to an appliance, but is controlled by a switch. Energy is fed to the body, but is controlled by the brain switch, the energy control system.

We do not claim to be an expert in this science but the principle behind virtual sessions is called Quantum Entanglement, or quantum physics. It is an emerging science.

 PLEASE NOTE: NB is not meant to be a substitute for modern medicine. In fact it can & should be a powerful compliment to traditional medical care as well as other natural therapies.

I do not diagnose and I am not a Naturopathic Doctor. I can suggest nutrition and how to improve and obtain a healthier lifestyle for optimal health.

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Natural BioEnergetics

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