Basic Remedy Subscription

Multiple Scan Bundle which lasts approximately one year for one person.

Basic Remedy Subscription Bundle

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Basic Remedy Subscription

The focus of the scans in the Basic Remedy Subscription is specifically on identifying your synergistic remedies. By testing for these remedies, we can create a personalized program to address and balance your specific stressors. This ensures that you only take the vitamins and minerals that are essential for your well-being, avoiding unnecessary supplementation.

It can be shared with family members and also works for your pet.

It tests only for your synergistic remedies and we create a program to follow in order to balance your stresses.  This makes sure that you don’t take vitamins and minerals that you don’t need.

The Basic Remedy Subscription is an excellent choice for individuals who have a good understanding of holistic wellness and are seeking ongoing support. It can be used as an intermediate option between other scans or as a stand-alone program.

Each regimen recommended in the subscription should be followed for a duration of 4-6 weeks to allow for optimal results and progress.

Once you receive your scan results, simply text us, and we will assist you in ordering your remedies promptly. This ensures a seamless process and enables you to start implementing your personalized program without delay.

You can book additional time to work together at anytime.

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Basic Remedy Subscription

Este paquete es una suscripción a seis Basic Remedy Subscription para utilizar en un año.

Se puede compartir con los miembros de la familia y funciona para su mascota.

Analiza sólo los remedios sinérgicos a seguir con el fin de equilibrar sus tensiones. Las pruebas aseguran que no toman vitaminas o minerals que no necestian.

Esta es una buena opción las otras evaluaciones más extensas o para el cliente independiente que sabe más que lo básico con respecto al bienestar holístico. Cada régimen debe seguirse durante 4-6 semanas.

Este paquete cubre más o menos cubre un año de régimen de pruebas. Una vez recibidos los resultados, envíenos un mensaje de texto para que podamos seguir adelante y ordenar sus remedios.

Usted puede reservar tiempo adicional para trabajar juntos en cualquier momento.

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